200 Ton Capacity Niagara Straight Side Press For Sale (2 Available)

http://allegromachinery.com/200-ton-capacity-niagara-straight-side-press-for-sale-2-available/   http://affordable-machinery.com/metal-working-machinery/presses/presses-up-to-250-tons/200-ton-capacity-niagara-straight-side-press-for-sale-2-available/   200 Ton Capacity Niagara Straight Side Press (2 Available) Model: SC2-200-60-42 Year: 1973 Capacity: 200 Tons Bed Area: 60″ x 42″ Stroke: 8″ Slide Adjustment: 10″ Shut Height: 30″ Note: One press is without motor but has a bolster and an air cushion and is also immediately available. The other press has a motor but no bolster or air cushion and availability will need to be worked out. Related